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Farida Kavde & Nazmin Kavde, sisters from Leicester are the Co-founders of Original Step Performers (OSP). Throughout their whole life, they have been passionate about dance and performing arts. They both shared the same dream of one day having a dance studio where children and young people from the local community have the opportunity to rehearse in whichever area they are creative within, that is affordable and accessible for all.

OSP was mainly based in the St Marks Estate of Leicester. When it first started a small group of young people used to meet up at St Marks basketball courts. This is so they could dance and do something productive and positive rather than be stereotyped, and judged like any other young person in the community. Farida Kavde continued to teach these children and young people for many years in different studios around Leicester city. Over the years OSP has grown and now we have children of all ages that come along to the different activities/workshops and projects.

Farida Kavde continued to make the dream come true, and located a building in Leicester City Centre in January 2016. The building has been converted into a Dance studio, with the help of Sanjay Chandarana who supported them throughout the build and gave them the space to make this dream come true. They are truly thankful for this.

The children and young people of OSP also put on a BENEFIT DANCE SHOWCASE & undertook a SPONSORED WALK to help raise funds towards the studio.  Today they can call it their dance home, and OSP would like to welcome all new members who would like to join.  Welcome to Central Dance & Creative Arts Academy (CDCA).


What do the young people learn and achieve? How does OSP benefit young people in the community?

Being part of OSP benefits young people in the community by keeping them fit and helping them understand the importance of healthy eating. It helps keep them away from crime/anti-social behaviour, by providing them with a positive activity which is MAINLY DANCE. It also benefits young people by encouraging them to actively participate in community events, which build positive relationships and social inclusion and builds on their own self esteem, self worth and confidence. 

Dance has helped many young people to learn: 
1. Good communication/social skills
2. Dance routines of all different styles, but mainly urban and contemporary 
3. How to motivate others 
4. How to deal with obstacles/challenging situations 
5. The ability to multi-task 
6. How to use music programs on the computer 
7. Time management 
8. Team working skills

Original Step Performers have bought you shows like: 
* OSP Spectacular 
* Street Mix 
* Hip Hop Creation 
* Music and Dance Extravaganza 
* Explosion Music and Dance Show

* Dynamic dance showcase

* Decade of dance

* World Music and dance show  

* Blast from the past 

They also take part in many festivals and community events such as:

- Olympic Torch Parade in Leicester, Derby, Skegness and Nottingham 

- Leicester Belgrave mela

- Sports Festival 

- St Mathews community parks day 

- Benefit dance

- Leicester's Best dance crew

- Opening Launch at the Peepul Centre. 

- Serendipity - Black history season launch

- Leicester Caribbean carnival 

- Cosmopolitan carnival and film

- Video shoot for Bizzi Dixon (The Voice semi finalist in 2014)

- Belgrave Fate 

- Leicester's Best MC event 

- Leicester's got  RAW talent ........ & many more. 

Sienna Aged 10 has been coming to OSP for over 1 year and said "I love OSP, it is the best dance group choice I have made"

Marissa aged 4 said " I love dancing with OSP"

Essence aged 7 said "Farida is the best dance teacher, she is so funny"

Leon aged 9 said "I love performing with OSP, I enjoy all the trips too"

Karishma aged 16 said "I have learnt so much from OSP, It has helped my confidence, Farida gave me the chance to undertake a dance leadership qualification and supported me throughout it. This has resulted in me having my first paid job with OSP, teaching dance and supporting the children and young people. It is definitely a place i will never forget in my life"


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